A quest to improve health of people working in tech.


Are you frequently experiencing pain or discomfort while working? I believe that it doesn't have to be that way.

I can give you personalized help and suggestions on:

  • Creating the best work setup that will support your health, regardless of your budget.
  • Improving your work habits in a way that will help you reduce or eliminate back, wrist, shoulder, or neck pain.
  • Getting better sleep.
  • Doing any kind of movement more efficiently, such as typing, sitting, or walking.

Your body is unique, and I believe solutions should be too. I'm also not looking to sell my services by all means necessary—I want to make sure you can really benefit from them.

Get in touch for a free consultation call where we'll explore what you're looking for, and whether I can help with that. If I can't, I might be able to suggest someone else who can.

Specialized services

After years of training and research, I'm proud to offer additional niche services that I always wanted to use myself but couldn't find anyone doing them.

Workspace Analysis

I believe that places where we spend most of our time should be tailored to our bodies.

This is a session where we look at every bit of your workspace, and analyze how well it supports your body and your wellbeing. Some of the things we will look at are your chair type & height, desk height, mouse & keyboard placement, and monitor placement.

I will also make suggestions on how to improve your workspace. Don't worry, I don't believe that buying expensive equipment is the only way of improving your workspace—I know plenty of guerilla, low-cost solutions too.

Posture habit analysis

We will analyze your posture habits and dive deep into what works, and what doesn't. I will make suggestions on how to form new habits, or improve old ones.

Analysis includes 2 calls, and a take-home task for both of us.

On the first call, we will get to know each other, and I'll explain in detail what I'm looking for. I will also help you set up the recording environment and answer any questions.

To get an accurate read on your posture habits, I will ask you to record a video of your whole working day. This is important because quick, on-the-fly analysis is deeply flawed and doesn't get to the bottom of your rooted habits. If you're shy or concerned about recording a video, please know that:

  • You have the power to remove anything you don't want to share before sending it to me. I don't need the entire day, but the more you can share, the better the results will be.
  • We will pick recording angles together will not reveal the content of your screen, nor what you're typing on the keyboard.
  • I don't need audio in the recording.

If you have any other concerns, I'm happy to cover them during our first call.

After you send me the video, I will analyze it and we'll then set up another call. During the second call we will do the analysis, and you'll be able to ask any follow-up questions.

Typing analysis

Typing is what you do every day, for most of your day. You repeat thousands of keystrokes per hour. I'd like to help you avoid RSI (carpal tunnel syndrome) by analyzing your keyboard typing skills and making them more efficient.

You will record yourself typing from a bird's eye view, and we will then dive deep into where you might be straining more than is needed. I will then teach you how to type with awareness, so you can retrain the bits where you strain the most.

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Jamie Larson