A quest to improve physical and mental health of people working in tech.


Healthyfolks.tech is a passion project that aims to help tech people live better, more fulfilled lives.

Hey folks, Sebastian Fric here.

I’ve been in tech since 2012, mostly in support and QA roles. I was lucky to have worked at fantastic companies like Slack, 1Password, and HelpDocs. I’m now a support lead at Stacker, proudly supporting the support team.

While working in tech, I’ve been through it all—burnout, toxic environments, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, you name it.

I couldn’t accept any of these conditions as normal, so I started studying how human bodies and emotions work. Through years of studying and experimenting, I’ve come to realize that working in tech doesn’t need to hurt—both physically and emotionally. Right now I’m studying the connection between mind and body at the Feldenkrais Institute in Vienna.

I’ve been pretty much pain free for a few years, and now feels like a great time to spread the word. I’ve created healthyfolks.tech as a passion project that aims to help tech people like us live better, more fulfilled lives.

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