A quest to improve health of people working in tech.


Healthyfolks.tech is a passion project that aims to help tech people live better, more fulfilled lives.

Hey folks, Sebastian Fric here.

I’ve been immersed in tech since 2012. I had previously worked in support, QA, and project management roles at fantastic companies like Slack, 1Password, HelpDocs. and Stacker.

While working, I’ve experienced a myriad of issues such as burnout, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain.

I couldn’t accept that pain should be a normal part of my working life, so I started learning how we humans work. Through years of studying and experimenting, I’ve been able to get rid of pain—both physical and emotional.

I’ve been pretty much pain free for a few years, and now feels like a great time to spread the word. I’ve created this site as a passion project to help tech people live healthier lives.


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