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This page is a list of fabulous projects by people I know, like, and respect.


Art4flow - Lucija Maradin

Artist extraordinaire, Lucija is making beautiful commissioned paintings, digital illustrations, and photographs. She's also making all illustrations related to this site.

I highly recommend checking out Lucija's work, and hiring her.

Instagram page


Etalon - Kristina Rudzinskaya

Kristina used to be my manager at Slack, and to this day she remains my favourite. She's an incredibly compassionate person with a knack for bringing out the best out of people.

Like me, she also discovered her passion for improving people's health. She is now running a fabulous company that's merging fashion and health accessories. Her first creation is an amazing Posture Bra that got funded on Kickstarter in only 10 days.

Etalon's website

Feldenkrais Institut Wien - Sascha Krausneker

Feldenkrais institute in Vienna is a wonderful, welcoming place led by Sascha Krausneker.

The institute is mostly focusing on teaching the Feldenkrais method, which has been the center of  my learning for the past few years. The method itself is a fantastic way of learning more about yourself, and improving everything you do.

If you ever find yourself in Vienna, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to them and visiting. You'll be in for a kind and warm experience in an environment that feels like home.

Feldenkrais Institut Wien website


Creator Club Newsletter - Sam Dickie

Creator Club is a wonderful newsletter where Sam curates content around his interests: product management, tech, great products, and my favourite—retro tech.

Creator Club newsletter signup link

Stitch Newsletter - Nives Bošnjak

Nives is writing a gripping newsletter about fashion and people who make it. While I'm not a fashion aficionado, it's incredibly interesting to read personal stories and how fashion fits into people's lives.

Stich Newsletter signup link


Song Circle - Martin Rolph

Martin is creating an addicting podcast for music lovers, where 5 friends make songs together.

In each episode, one person creates scaffolding for a song, and then passes it onto the next person. Then that person adds or removes bits of the song, and gives their creation to the next one. And then the next one. And the next one.

They always end up creating great music, but my favourite bit is that I get to hear 5 completely different versions of the same song.

Song Circle on Spotify


Movie Blast - Aaron Quinn

Aaron is a creative tour de force. He's creating brilliant animation and 3D modeling while still managing to lead a support team at Linear.

I'd like to show you his YouTube channel MovieBlast, where he makes animation videos with trivia about famous movies. While he hasn't posted a new video in a while, I believe the existing videos are well worth watching—my favourite is 8 Crazy Facts You May Not Have Known About Mad Max

YouTube channel

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